Hire the best people.

Equitable Hiring Group helps non-profits and ​impact-driven organizations find the best talent.

Go beyond diversity quotas

Diversity hiring can easily verge into tokenization — that’s why we design ​hiring processes that take implicit bias and social inequities into account.

Build teams that reflect the ​communities ​you serve

Traditional hiring strategies favor white people, men, cis-gendered folks, those with educated parents, wealthy ​people, and people with the ability to take unpaid ​internships, just to name a few.

Our hiring strategies address these inequities — allowing ​us to source from a truly diverse pool of candidates to find ​the right fit for your organization.

Work with a hiring expert who ​shares your values

We are a collective of hiring professionals who work independently, but share ​common values and practices. Get in touch with the member best suited for your ​search needs, or email our founding partner Abe Taleb to be matched.

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Abe Taleb

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Abe has over a decade of experience ​in nonprofit talent, first as a founder of ​ReWork, then as a Managing Director ​at Koya Leadership Partners. His ​professional interests meet at the ​intersection of social enterprise, policy ​innovation, and racial justice. Abe has ​placed over 250 professionals at ​organizations, including Acumen, ​iCivics, The Omidyar Group, Sierra Club, ​Supermajority among many others. ​Abe focuses on non-executive search, ​from Analysts to Director of Operations, ​and everything in between.


Melanie Damm

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Melanie has managed recruiting ​functions within the nonprofit sector for ​over fifteen years, working with Taproot ​Foundation, Summer Search, Relay ​Resources, and Koya Leadership ​Partners as an Executive Search ​Manager. She primarily works with ​organizations that are dedicated to ​social, racial, and environmental ​justice in the Pacific Northwest, where ​she resides. Melanie focuses on a wide ​swath of searches, ranging from ​Executive Directors to part-time ​support.

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Heather Ferguson

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Heather is an energetic recruiter ​experienced in mission-driven ​recruiting, high volume and difficult-​to-fill niche roles. Experience includes ​non-profits (Safe Passage Project, ​GreenPeace, National Park Foundation,  ​Columbia Land Trust), executive ​search (Koya Partners), consulting ​companies (TSMA Consulting, ​Formidable, Third Sector) and design ​firms (IDEO). Think of Heather as your ​outsourced in-house recruiter who can ​manage smaller tasks or an entire ​search process.

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We are committed to working with thoughtful organizations making a real difference.

We are also committed to a recruiting process that reduces bias whenever and ​wherever possible — that means our application process will be different from others. ​Feel free to contact us at candidates@equitablehiringgroup.com with questions.

We welcome feedback on our process and the organizations we work with. We know ​there will always be room for growth.