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Equitable Hiring Group is a collective of hiring professionals who work independently but share common values, practices, and tools. Contact the member best suited for your search needs, or email our founding partner, Abe Taleb, to be matched.

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Abe Taleb

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Abe has over a decade of experience ​in nonprofit talent, first as a founder of ​ReWork, then as a Managing Director ​at Koya Leadership Partners. His ​professional interests meet at the ​intersection of social enterprise, policy ​innovation, and racial justice. Abe has ​placed over 250 professionals at ​organizations, including Acumen, ​iCivics, The Omidyar Group, Sierra Club, ​Supermajority among many others. ​Abe focuses on non-executive search, ​from Analysts to Director of Operations, ​and everything in between.


Melanie Damm

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Melanie has managed recruiting ​functions within the nonprofit sector for ​over fifteen years, working with Taproot ​Foundation, Summer Search, Relay ​Resources, and Koya Leadership ​Partners as an Executive Search ​Manager. She primarily works with ​organizations that are dedicated to ​social, racial, and environmental ​justice in the Pacific Northwest, where ​she resides. Melanie focuses on a wide ​swath of searches, ranging from ​Executive Directors to part-time ​support.

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Shavon Bell

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Affiliate Consultant 

Shavon is a candidate-centered talent-sourcing consultant with over a decade of expertise. Shavon began her career as a Recruiter at Berklee College of Music, honing her skills and progressing to roles at Koya Leadership Partners, HubSpot, and Offor Talent Group. As a talent sourcing consultant, Shavon's zone of genius lies in designing innovative sourcing strategies that enhance and optimize the early stages of the recruitment process. She ensures her clients have access to the best talent while saving time and resources. 

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Melissa Madzel

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Affiliate Consultant

Melissa Madzel runs Do Good Connections, a boutique talent advisory firm that specializes in supporting equitable leadership transitions in the social justice arena. Prior to launching Do Good Connections, Melissa served as Managing Partner at Axis Talent Partners, where she oversaw partnership development and a variety of executive searches. Before her role with Axis, Melissa was a Managing Director for Koya Partners | Diversified Search Group, where she made significant contributions to Koya Partners’ depth in the social justice and advocacy space.

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